Sunday, 7 October 2012

now they cant say i didnt put anything up

Argos Catolouge Rough Work

Possible Focus Films:

Clerks (1994)

Smith's first full-lentgh film; Clerks is a low budget snapshot of a day in the lives of Quickstop workers Dante And Randal and the New Jersey locals they are forced to deal with as they work through their dead end jobs that they claim to despise but yet seem to find themselves stuck with. Throughout the day Dante And Randal discuss all manner of topics from to Dante's dreams of leaving the Quickstop to find education to the ending of Return Of The Jedi.

The film showcases Autuer Theory in its purest form,as it was filmed in the store wherein Kevin Smith worked during the filming; with the character of Randall originally intended to be played by Smith himself. Kevin Smith Has Stated On His Q&A DVD An Evening With Kevin Smith that it was a lack of acting ability that steered him to change his role to accompany long time friend Jason Mewes as the now famous Jay And Silent Bob.

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